HalsnøyportalenTekstboks: Halsnøy is an island located in the middle of the Sunnhordland basin in West-Norway, utmost in Kvinnherad kommune, in the Hardanger Fjord, east of the Stord island. On the 37 square kilometers that the island covers, 2000 people are living. Plus a lot of deer, since Kvinnherad is the biggest deer kommune in the country.

Because of the beautiful nature, and we like to say, also because of all the beautiful women, the island is often referred to as The Pearl of Sunnhordland. In daily conversation we only say Perlo, which is also the name of a restaurant in Sæbøvik, our local centre.

Basarholmen (Bazaar Islet) is another frequently used name, because of the many bazaars arranged here, with the purpose to collect money to various charity projects.

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Halsnøyveven (The Halsnøy Web Portal) has been established to give those who need quick access to information about Halsnøy, one single entrance to all actual web pages. That means, you need only remember one web address, and you may choose either halsnoy.no, perlo.no, or basarholmen.no, all of them will lead you directly to Halsnøyveven.


This portal is not intended to compete with other news sources, it will only be a supplement, and kind of a Halsnøy Encyclopedia, with links to other relevant web pages.


Unfortunately, since the updating of Halsnøyveven is done on a hobby basis, we don't have the capacity to update this English page frequently. It will therefore appear as a static page, referencing to underlying pages which are written in Norwegian.


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